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Studying in Bayreuth

Bayreuth is a city with 75,000 residents and located in northern Bavaria, about 70 km north of Nürnberg. As a former residence town Bayreuth offers an attractive historic city center. Bayreuth features rich cultural activities and a diverse social environment. The beautiful surrounding landscape (mountains, woods, lakes and rivers) allows diverse recreational activities, like biking, hiking, climbing, swimming, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing. Further information can be found on the city of Bayreuth website

The University of Bayreuth features an attractive, modern campus where all facilities, including library and cafeteria are close together. Due to its moderate size with approx. 10,000 students and the proximity of facilities contacts with students, professors and university administrators are readily established. Further information about the university can be found under

International students are readily integrated into university and city life with the help of the International Office and a number of private initiatives. The LanguageCenter offers German classes for students at a nominal charge. Knowledge of German, however, is not required for the M. Sc. program in ‘Experimental Geosciences’.