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The Bayerisches Geoinstitut

The M.Sc. program ‘Experimental Geosciences’ is centered on the expertise of the Bayerisches Geoinstitut (BGI). BGI is a central research facility at the University of Bayreuth and one of the leading institutes in research and training in experimental geochemistry and geophysics worldwide. The institute is also involved in materials science research.

Many key questions of modern Earth science can only be addressed by experimental methods. BGI has a wide range of excellent laboratory facilities, operated by some of the most capable scientists in the field:

  • Analytical facilities to characterize samples: X-ray diffraction, spectroscopic methods (optical, IR, Raman, Mössbauer), electron microscopy, electron microprobe and laser ablation mass spectrometry.
  • Synthesis facilities at high pressure and temperature: high temperature gas-mixing furnaces, hydrothermal laboratories, piston cylinder presses, autoclaves, multi-anvil presses and diamond-anvil cells.
  • Facilities for in-situ measurements of physical properties: compressibility, electrical and thermal conductivity, magnetic and optical properties and ultrasonic interferometry.
  • Computational facilities for ab-initio modeling of material properties and geodynamics.

In the M.Sc. program students will be trained in many of these techniques. They will build up a solid expertise in Earth and materials science that will allow them to pursue careers in both academics and industry.

A complete list of facilities, scientists and current research at BGI can be found at